3 ways to rid yourself of negative thoughtsHow stressed are you and would you like to learn 3 ways to rid yourself of negative thoughts?

Your mind engages in an inner dialogue, so it is no wonder that worry and anxiety can dominate the mind. Sometimes unwanted thoughts pick up the pace and these unwanted thought patterns recycle themselves. Over time negative self-talk breaks down confidence and can contribute to ongoing stress. However, let me share three simple tips on ways to reverse worry and negative thinking.

  1. Self-Awareness

Having greater access to your self-awareness will enable you to notice your inner thoughts and help you to transform them. It is possible to enhance self-awareness by recognising that you are not your thoughts. Try to become aware of your thoughts as they start to gain your attention and notice how the thought enters and exits your mind. As you practice self-awareness by observing your thoughts you will realise that some thoughts have more space between them and your experience of those thoughts. By enhancing self-awareness, you will notice emotions as they arise in your body. This empowers you to become the observer of them, instead of being absorbed by them.

  1. Self-compassion

Self-compassion is the highest form of self-care. It is important to remind yourself that you are doing the best you can and learn to forgive yourself for the mistakes you make. Take some time out and enjoy a bit of quality alone time, such as take a luxurious bath or go for a walk in nature, as this will ground you and help you to listen to your gut instinct and help you to reconnect to your essential roots, but also help you to feel more energised.

  1. Meditation

Meditation enables you to go beyond the mind and discover the silence between your thoughts. By meditation you can step away from constant thinking and analysing, allowing you to recognise your true nature. You simply need to put aside 5-10 minutes each day, making meditation a part of your daily routine. This time of rest will enable your mind and body to rejuvenate, helping you to experience inner calm and expanded awareness.

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