Pilates is a highly adaptable exercise programme which uses a distinct method of breathing, resistance and gravity to work the whole body the way it is designed to move.

It includes a repertoire of low impact, low repetition stretching and conditioning exercises which strengthen, elongate and restore the body to balance. Focussing on its 8 key principles of core strength, alignment, breathing, coordination, relaxation (i.e. only using the muscles needed to execute a movement allowing the others to relax), flowing movement, stamina and concentration, it is suitable for all ages, abilities and fitness levels.

We offer both group classes and private one-to-one sessions. A private session will involve an initial assessment of the client’s posture, body type, flexibility, health and lifestyle issues and the development of a tailored programme of Pilates exercises to address the client’s specific needs.

Benefits of Pilates can include:

• Improved posture
• Balanced muscle use
• Increased strength, particularly around the core of the body
• Improved functioning of the heart and lungs, which boosts the circulation and respiratory systems
• Greater flexibility and mobility of the spine and other key joints
• Improved body awareness, balance and coordination
• Reduced stress and tension
• A greater sense of physical and mental wellbeing
• Fewer injuries and improved performance for sports people.

For more information on Pilates, or to book a class or private lesson, please call Lifestyle Studio on 07979 801243