In the past, I have tried many “diets”. They would work, but only for the short term. I approached Sara as I hoped to not only lose weight, but also improve my overall health. Sara gave a brilliant straightforward explanation of the cleanse, its benefits and how I might feel each day. Once started I also benefitted from Sara’s constant positive support in the form of daily emails and a simple menu plan. I knew to expect some cravings, but I stuck with it and by day 4 I was feeling the benefits and by day 7 I had so much more energy than before. The cleanse was not about restricting my food or feeling hungry; I actually ate more regularly and larger portions than I normally would! The best part of this for me is that I feel I have more energy, the weight has continued to come off in my most stubborn areas and I’m now enjoying healthier alternatives every day!!” – Amanda Horgan

kay-m-before-and-after-picsI started the “Hormone Rebalancing programme” just after Christmas. I had been training with Sara for a couple of years and enjoyed keeping fit and had a passion for healthy eating. In early 2014 I developed Plantar Fasciitis and couldn’t train so hard. I also had my Mirena coil removed and the weight started to creep on. I felt stressed, bloated and depressed. I knew I was going through menopause.

As I knew I was eating healthily I was a little reluctant at first to do the programme but after Sara explained how it worked by balancing insulin levels I decided to give it a go. I am so happy I did. The clean eating programme was so easy to follow and there are plenty of food choices so you do not feel hungry.

I also enjoyed the extra training, Reiki and food discussions where we went through my food diary and made changes if I had not lost much weight that week. After 12 weeks I had lost over a stone in weight and my shape has totally changed. I lost weight on my tummy, legs, thighs, arms and buttocks.

I look toned and feel great. I continue to eat cleanly and the weight continues to come off. I also did the 10 day cleanse which left me feeling so energized and also helped with the weight loss. My friends and family all said how ‘glowing’ my skin looked after the cleanse, I’m planning to do another one very ssoon!

This programme really works and Sara is so passionate to help you to reach your goal, she is there every step of the way !” – Kay Madani

ann-marie-before-afterI started on the Hormone Rebalancing Program in January 2015. I chose to train with Sara because of her knowledge, passion and professionalism. I was convinced that I would get the results I desired by working with her.

I have always trained because I did not want to be constantly dieting and it has kept me sane through my child-rearing years. However, as I approached the menopause in my late 40s and early 50s I have found that my weight was creeping up. As a consequence I worked even harder with a personal trainer, dreading each session instead of enjoying it. It was simply not working for me anymore.

Sara has overhauled how, when and what I eat. I now train smarter with the right type of exercise for me. At the same time, I am being educated about what is going on in my body with my hormones. I always look forward to my sessions with Sara and my reward at the end of each session is Reiki healing. I walk away feeling very energised and stress-free with an increased sense of well- being.

I am not planning to take HRT or BHRT as I feel so well and at peace with my body. I have got leaner, slimmer and feel very balanced as I head into the second half of my life.

I am so grateful to have found Sara. She is a kind, positive and life-changing trainer.” – Anne-Marie Walker

“Lifestyle Studio helped me get in shape for my wedding day and made me feel confident about myself. I would recommend anyone getting married to do the 8-week pre-wedding course as I achieved amazing results.” – Sue Gifford – Waltham Abbey

I trained with Lifestyle Studio for 4 years, before moving to Spain. She took my fitness to another level and developed my upper body in shape and strength. My specific goal was to run the London Marathon, which I achieved with no problem thanks to Sara’s excellent training, motivation and nutrition advice. – Brenda Cuby – Northaw

When I started training with Lifestyle Studio I was overweight, unfit and stressed. I now feel fit, happy and can cope with life due to the 4 stone I have lost and the energy I have gained. Sara’s guidance and positive interaction has helped me change my lifestyle. I now eat a healthy diet, enjoy exercise, feel focused and less stressed. – Rehka Nair – West Cheshunt

I thought I was eating healthily until I attended a Lifestyle Studio Weight Management Course! I have learnt so much and thanks to her Nutrition advice my cholesterol has lowered and I’ve lost weight by making a few changes to my diet. – Jan Aiken – Cuffley

I never enjoyed exercise, until Lifestyle Studio tailor made a programme which was fun, and realistic for me. Within 3 weeks I was feeling fitter and more toned. Sara is definitely passionate about you “making positive lifestyle changes” and she did it for me! – Emma Coppollotti – Enfield

I live in New York and I tried Personal Trainers before. On my visit to London I had a 1-1 session with Lifestyle Studio and I was impressed with the health screening and fitness testing, and felt Sara took a very professional approach in her work. She prescribed my fitness programme and showed me how to safely and effectively exercise. She inspired me and sent me home with a programme which motivated me to get back exercising again.– Rani Nair – New York