Got Questions? We Have Answers

You can bring a BPA water bottle and towel, but if you forget there are towels and water available. If you are doing Yoga or Pilates then we provide mats and blocks.

No you can be a complete beginner and join in with the class.

We always encourage you to workout safely, so you will be given a progressive programme and are free to rest and work at your own pace.

We have a reception area where bags, keys can be left safely and we politely ask that all mobile phones are switched to silent as this is your time!

Please discuss any medical conditions or injuries to the teacher and we will assess whether it is safe for you to workout.

Yes your appointment is a set time and classes will start promptly, so if you are late your time will be cut short in a private 1-1 session.

If attending a class – it is the discretion of the instructor if she allows you to join in so please be punctual.

Anything that is comfortable, safe and does not restrict freedom of movement. Wear supportive clean trainers if using the exercise equipment.

Take off all shoes and leave in the baskets in Reception if you are attending yoga or pilates classes.

Most definitely not! The whole idea of a Personal Trainer is to reach your own individual and specific fitness goals. People of all ages, abilities and weights have Personal Trainers and the sessions will be designed specifically to your level.

One of the main principles of fitness is that of overload ie the body has to be subjected to stress of a slightly higher level than it is used to in order for it to adapt to this new level and thus improve fitness. However, because all of the schedules are individually designed and based on initial bench-marking fitness tests on you, they will be aimed at your own ability and will start off at a level you are comfortable with and from which you can safely progress. So, no – the old adage ‘no pain, no gain’ is not correct to take advantage of the health benefits of exercise.

Lifestyle Studio are fully aware that in order to change an unhealthy lifestyle you have to work within it. We can give you nutritional and lifestyle advice – whether you take it is up to you. We are only with you a few hours a week, but the fitter you become, the better you are likely to treat your body as a natural consequence. But let’s face it – we all need to live a little, but getting that balance right is the key.

Not unless you want it to. One of the most common fears among women is that resistance training will make them too muscular. Creating muscle tissue to an extent to look over-muscular or bulky is very difficult and requires a great deal of training at heavy weights so you are constantly overloading the muscles to stimulate growth. Training for fat loss you shall not be constantly overloading your muscles to the extent that you’ll gain large proportions of muscle. With a varied routine and adequate rest this is not a problem you shall need to worry about.

Like most things in life, the more you put in the more you get out. The general consensus now is that people should be exercising 5-6 days a week for 30-40 minutes or more to gain significant health benefits. However, don’t let this put you off. Significant benefits can be seen from three days a week and 2-3 sessions per week are sufficient for those who are out of condition.

We have bathroom/toilet and shower facilities.

We have air conditioning for the Summer months.