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Lifestyle Fitness – Personal Training

This is the perfect plan for those who need a weekly diary date to be scheduled to help motivate them to exercise to improve their fitness levels and lose weight, or have a specific fitness goals.

What’s included:-

• Initial free consultation and health screen.
• 6 or 12 sessions
• 1 hour training sessions.

These will be held at the Lifestyle Studio, based in Goffs Oak, Hertfordshire.

The first session is the fitness induction, body analysis, and health screening. Your fitness level is assessed for your prescription. The sessions will include your fitness goals, stretch and relaxation.

Walk in£55
6 Sessions£315
12 Sessions£600
Hormone & HIIT group training with breathwork (2 people)£75 for both
Hormone & HIIT group training with breathwork – 6 sessions£420 for both
Mind Body & Soul Group Training Class (bespoke class of up to 6 people) Aerobics, Resistance Training, Circuits, HIIT, Body Conditioning, Core, Mindfulness and Meditation – Course of 6 £540 (£90 each)

Lifestyle Balance – Hormone Rebalancing Programme

This is the perfect plan for those who want guaranteed weight loss and inch loss results, need an eating plan to follow and a bespoke tailored hormone rebalancing exercise plan that transforms their shape. You will also learn how lifestyle changes help stop emotional eating and Reiki or relaxation helps to calm a stressed mind – This is the perfect all around programme for the mind, body and soul to work in harmony for renewed health.

What’s included:-

• Initial free consultation and Hormone Screening.
• 8 or 12 weeks Personal Training, specific for hormone rebalancing.
• Healthy Eating Plan and Lifestyle Changes.
• 1 hour training sessions once or twice per week.

These will be held at Lifestyle Studio, based in Goffs Oak, Hertfordshire.

First session is the fitness induction, body analysis and health and hormone screening. A personalised eating plan will be prescribed and the eating plan will be sent to you with an e-recipe book. A tailored exercise programme will be set each week specific to you for Hormone Rebalancing. Lifestyle changes will be discussed and you will end with 10/15 minutes of relaxation, reiki or meditation at the end of each session. For 12 week gold package courses, you will a FREE cookbook that I have written called the “Hormone Rebalancing Cook Book” which is full of amazing, quick and easy recipes to get you cooking straight away, together with lots of information on hormones.

BRONZE PACKAGE – 8 week course – once a week for 1 hour£480
SILVER PACKAGE – 12 week course – once a week for 1 hour£699 payable in 2 instalments £349.50 x 2
GOLD PACKAGE – 12 week course – twice a week for 1 hour plus a FREE Hormone Rebalancing Cookbook£1365 payable in 4 instalments of £341.25 x 4 Monthly
Bronze Continuation Course £465
Silver Continuation Course £660
Gold Continuation Course£630

Lifestyle Health – PT & Nutrition course

This is the perfect plan for those who are suffering from auto immune disorders or illness and want to reset their body back to good health. The fitness and nutrition course includes fitness or rehabilitation and also teaches you to understand more about holistic nutritional health and how making small positive lifestyle changes in your diet can lead to big changes in your health.

6 week course£345

Lifestyle Holistic – PT & Holistic Bespoke Package

This is the perfect plan for those who want to regain some balance in their life, need a little exercise to release some “happy hormones” and are interested in learning more about holistic health and would like to learn the art of relaxation through the breath. Perhaps you want to quieten the mind and de stress your body by learning meditation techniques. You may prefer some “me time” and lay on the couch for reiki healing. This bespoke package allows you to decide on the day what you would like to achieve depending on how your body feels, then you can tune into your mind, body and soul for some real healing.

Drop in£55
6 sessions£325
8 sessions£425
12 sessions£630
Initial Private Nutrition Consultation (75 mins)£75
Nutrition Consultation (45 mins)£45
Reiki Healing (60 mins)£45
Crystal Healing (60 mins)£50
Counselling (50 mins)£50
Yoga (5 Sessions)£70 (10 Sessions = £125)
Pilates (5 Sessions)£70 (10 Sessions = £125)
Meditation Classes (5 Session)£50

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Unite Body Mind and Soul for the ultimate Wellbeing

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Lifestyle Health Package

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